Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wow! been ages since i logged into my blog, i forgotten i had 1 till i saw my link on my friend's blog. Life is all well and happy! The sad news is i was told by my cousins and friends i became somewhat FAT! I guess the intensity in the gym has to increase by 50%! Recently bought the much debated IPhone, hearing 50/50s on how good or bad the phone is. But after getting 1 and modifying it, i find the phone not bad and its quite slick, it also saves my $ on my sms bills because i now sms lesser due to the difficulty in smsing on the IPhone! Imported a nice gold reflective casing over the internet which cost me $55! It looks very cool but have to take good care of the casing from any prominent scratches or fingerprints! It's all worth it =)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

BACK! Happy 2009!

Welcome 2009!!!

It has been sooo long since my last post! Sorted things out and i'm feeling better then ever!.. Had an extremely wonderful christmas holiday at Taiwan with my brothers and we sure enjoyed life over there! There are over 7gb of photos and videos which i could not upload i chose some beautifully crappy shots to be uploaded! Other then Christmas holidays i had a great time celebrating the countdown to 2009 at St James too with my buddies. Although the economy is predicted to be worst but i just hope and pray that everybody will have a great life ahead and health and safety for you and your family and loved ones is whats most important in life!
God Bless!

Zongwei was not joking when he said he was afraid of plane rides! He held on to the chair and almost ripped the whole arm rest out!

Trying To Be Artistic

We came and conquered!

We had no idea we were dining at a district of gay bar dining cafes until we looked around us! Zongwei didn't dare to go to the toilet alone!

Another nice shot before heading to Club Lava

Welcome To Taiwan~

When we boarded the bus, everybody left!

New Year Countdown!

No idea who she was and why was she in the picture! Anyway Happy New Year!

No idea who she was either! Happy New Year Too!

Look what drinks they treated me! Mao Mao's Favourite Tequilla Shots!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurt So Bad



baby i love you so much
baby you hurt me so bad
baby i love you so much
baby you hurt me so bad

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Classic photo of me with my cousin, sister and brother in law playin mahjong during CNY 2008. I was forced to put on a smile because i realised red was not my colour! I lost almost all my cash to them and when we finished playing the game i finished the entire bottle of Bailey's Chocolate Peppermint all by myself because i was too stressed playing with them!

My first leg injury after 11 years of playing basketball

On Tuesday i had a game of basketball which almost ruined my entire sporting life! While i did a jump shot, i landed on my friend's leg and he moved away causing me to land very awkwadly on the side of my left foot and i felt a very big CrrAaAAccCk! and the next moment i knew i was down on the floor in acute agony and i just clenched my ankle with both hands to try to get over the pain but the pain just kept getting worst and i had to be carried out of the court to rest at the sides.

After that i needed 2 friends to literally lift me home and on the way i had to lie down to rest every few steps because i could feel the blood keep flowing to my ankle which was killing me. The next morning i woke up my leg was so swollen and every single move i made was in pain, i went to the doctor and he said i severly injured my ankle's soft muscle tissues and i almost fractured my ankle bone. I had to be on clutches to avoid any further pressure on my left leg which i didn't use when going out because it was so inconvenient.

But i kinda regretted not using the clutches, yesterday i still went to my friend's pub and i walked quite alot. Today when i took out the bandages, i saw my veins were darken and there were dark blue and black and reddish bruises on both sides of my left feet. The doctor said that because of too much pressure keep applying to my left ankle that resulted in blood clotting around the injured muscle tissue area.

The doctor said that i have to be out of any sports for at least a month or two to at least let it heal if not i might make the injury worst and it will affect my sports next time. I guess gym is still alright!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost My Direction In Life Till Now

1 month ago i stopped something which was my "LIFE", i had quit going to the gym to train and threw away all my gym equipments and cancelled my country club gym membership. I know it was quite shocking, due to some set backs and problems in relationship. I took this 1 whole month to do some soul searching and find what i really want in life which had came to a dead end till now. My close friends have been encouraging me to go back to the gym and train and not waste all my effort in what i have done to change myself to what i really want in the past 3 to 4 years. I havebeen going to my friend's pub almost 4 times a day every week and just kept drinking boozes and liquors throughout the night and i find that i have lost my direction in life.

After nights of praying and soul searching, suddenly there was voice in my mind telling me to do what i really wanna achieve the most and came along a direction pathed out for me to follow. I decided to stop my night life and try to cut down on the drinking totally and go back to train in the gym harder then before. It's going to be a slow painful process because of all the weight and size i have lost since i stopped gym.. i lost around 9kg and totally shrink in size which was obvious to everyone because i have extremely high metabolism and i ate just 2 meals a day since last month instead of the 5-6 meals a day in the past, the clothes i used to wear are also quite big for me now. I shall take this as a challenge and still stick to my challenge with Zengye and come December i'll prove that i can be bigger and fitter.